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Facebook Bot allows you to tap into the massive amount of daily traffic on Facebook by creating a bot for your Facebook page that will be 'awake' and prepared to answer questions that visitors throw at your bot when they see the bot is online. The bot becomes active when anyone sends you a message on your Facebook page.

Create a bot for your Facebook page and manage it directly from your website; update your questions and responses, click save and they are immediately updated to your Facebook page bot.

The bot can answer any question that you have programed into the system, and you can create an unlimited number of responses from the simple to use admin dashboard. Program the bot to answer questions about your website, products or services. The more questions and responses you enter into the system the smarter your bots brain will be.

Because your bot responds to your visitors questions immediately, Facebook displays your contact response rate at 100%, which site visitors can see when viewing your page.

You can view the messages in the message history at anytime, and you will know when someone has asked a question. You are notified on your Facebook account when someone asks a question in the exact same manner as when you get a new message notification.

You can also create up to 5 Menu Links that are located in the Messenger Menu that link back to your website or other page. When you create, delete or edit a link, they automatically get updated on your Facebook Messenger block.

Facebook Bot requires you to create a Facebook App which in turn requires you to have an SSL certificate installed on your site (HTTPS).

Extensive help files are built directly into the module so if you need help creating your Facebook app simply launch the help file which includes instructions as well as diagram images. Using the help files you will have your bot installed and configured within a few minutes, just follow the step by step instructions.

Facebook Bot will allow you to create a single (1) bot for a single Facebook page. If you need to create and manage more than 1 bot for multiple Facebook pages then please take a look at the Facebook Bot Pro version.

Available for the Following Platforms:

  • HTMl/PHP Based Websites
  • Dolphin CMS Based Sites
  • WordPress CMS Based Sites
  • Joomla Coming Soon...

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